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About the Author

Vijay Gupta, M.D., is a practicing physician and sonologist in Jaipur. Attracted by the stock market, he suffered some early losses. He then did intensive research on investing and trading methods which eventually led him to create the mechanical trading system revealed in this book. His main focus has been to develop methods which are not only based on well established principles of technical analysis but which can be proven by an unbiased analysis of historical data. Dr. Gupta also believes that it is impossible for a trader to succeed without strict rules of money management. His trading experience over the last two decades has also made him realize that lack of discipline in pursuing one’s own proven strategies is the single most important reason why traders fail. His trading philosophy can be summarized as follows:

Trade with the trend
Cut your losses short
Let the profits run
Manage your money well.

Dr. Gupta is now an active trader of stocks and commodity futures, alongside his medical practice.