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Benefits of Glycerin for skin

★ Skin Whitening

  • You can make a lime juice -glycerin moisturizer by mixing 200 ml of glycerin , two table spoons of fresh lime juice and one to two cups of distilled or rose water
  • Lime is age-old in terms of skin whitening and the combination of glycerin makes it ideal for all sorts of harsh weather conditions.
  • Apply this concoction at night to get rewarded with magical skin the next morning .

★ Reverse all Signs of Ageing

  • Mix 2 Vitamin E capsules and 1 teaspoon of vegetable- based glycerin and apply it as an overnight mask.
  • It’s incredibly nourishing and shows result within no time .
  • You will always feel cheery and bright when you step out of your home and love confidence that follows.

★ For Smooth and Moisturized Skin

  • You can make honey and Glycerin mask by mixing the two is same quantity and washing off with cold water.
  • Keep this on for about 20 Minutes on all skin types . If you are bored after doing this for few days , opt for a similar banana and Glycerin mask
  • Sounds sticky dont it?Dont worry , Its worth feeling the extra moisture so that you can reflect it on your beautiful skin.

Specially used in Winter as Conditioner,Cleanser, which nourishes brings glowing on the skin,It brings gentleness over skin
It acts as Skin Toner, Moisturizer, face whitening, sunscreen,Retention of water in skin
Cures oily skin problems like Pimples acne and Black Heads,Can be used to treat chapped lips and mouth ulcers
HAIR BENEFITS OF GLYCERIN-Maintenance of length,Eradicating itch,Stopping dandruff,Stopping split ends,Frizzy hair care,Maintaining curly hair
Help Reduce Wrinkles thus makes the skin look younger