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“An enduring work of survival literature” (New York Times)

“If you read but one book this year, Dr Frankl’s book should be that one.” (Los Angeles Times)

“His works are essential reading for those who seek to understand the human condition.” (Chief Rabbi Dr Jonathan Sacks)

“Influential and eloquent.” (Jewish Chronicle)

“Perhaps the most significant thinking since Freud and Adler.” (The American Journal of Psychiatry)

About the Author

Viktor Frankl was born in 1905 and was a Viennese psychiatrist and neurologist who developed the theory of logotherapy. Logotherapy is a type of existential analysis. He was a student of the University of Vienna where he studied medicine, focusing on the subjects of suicide and depression. Although he was influenced by Alfred Adler and Sigmund Freud, his work in the field of psychiatry was very different from theirs. He has won many illustrious awards in his time. He passed away on September 2, 1997.