Rich Herbals Skin and Hair Oil with Aloe Vera Gel Pack along with free Herbal face gel Price: 780.00 (as of 10/05/2021 12:59 PST- Details)

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Love gives you the strength to be soft. Give your hair the love it deserves with aloe vera coconut hair oil. With the strength of coconut oil and softness of aloe experience the hair that feels like silk. Its nourishing coconut oil makes your hair strong, and the aloe vera extracts help keep it soft. Hair care tip, regularly massage on scalp and apply across the length of the hair till tip for best results.

Helps to repair damaged hair, by reversing upto 50 percent of internal structural damage, in a single application; Aloe vera enriched coconut Hair Oil provides a protective layer, keeping hair strands moisturized, nourished and deeply conditioned from within, making them softer
This hair growth oil nourishes hair at deepest level making hair feel touchable soft and smooth
Storage: Store in dry place. keep away from direct sunlight
Package Contains Aloe Vera Gel coconut oil along with a free Herbal face gel